All that we do today is done with our minds firmly fixed on tomorrow

Our resources are finite, so we manage them with great care. We prepare, tend and rest the land, making use of environmentally friendly, low impact farming practices.

We draw on the skills and knowledge of experts in the field to increase yield, improve our variety selection and to optimise our cost of production, without sacrificing quality and freshness.

Our crops have been accredited by Australasian Biological Control as being grown using an Integrated Pest Management system. This is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management which minimises risk to consumers and the environment. We are audited twice a year to ensure our compliance.

Although we are not a supplier of organic products, we do take great care in the management of our crops and only use sprays and chemicals as a last resort. Some of the farming techniques used include the selection of insect and disease resistant plant varieties, building up the soil health before planting and through careful crop rotation. We also encourage the balance of beneficial insects which keep other plant damaging insects under control.

We do use some biological controls which are also used by the organic industry. Any synthetic chemicals used are registered with the APVMA which is an Australian Government statutory authority which gives Australian farmers the confidence to know that the products they use will not only work, but will not harm themselves, their crops, animals or the environment.

All products that we produce conform to Australian Food and Safety regulations, as well as the strict food and safety requirements of our major retailers.




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