Our Agronomists

Crops grown in the ground, exposed to the ever changing weather conditions and vulnerable to disease, insects and pests need a lot of care and attention. Plants stressed through poor irrigation, or nutrition are more prone to disease and pest problems than healthy plants, so achieving quality crops takes careful planning and management. Good management practices include careful site selection, crop rotation, suitable plant variety selection, efficient irrigation and drainage systems and careful monitoring of the crops throughout. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) requires our experienced team of Agronomists to have an in depth understanding of weeds, diseases, pests, natural predators and crop life cycles. Crop scouting (observation and monitoring) occurs on a daily basis and is vital for decision making about which control method is the most appropriate for the crop stage, pest or disease present. It takes a lot of skill and dedication to achieve top quality baby leaves, and our passionate team of Agronomists work hard to achieve the best results.

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